Billed as the world’s first family robot, Jibo is equipped with an HD LCD touchscreen “face,” two high-resolution cameras, 360-degree microphones, and natural language processing that allows him to see, hear and speak to all members


Dub Box Camper

Although it looks like a restored VW bus, the Dub Box Camper is a completely new fiberglass trailer, merging retro styling with modern conveniences. Manufactured in Oregon, the camper can be fully tricked-out with a double


Hemp Sunglasses

Industrial hemp has been used for everything from textiles in clothes to parts for cars. Now designer Sam Whitten is introducing Hemp Sunglasses, which are made from hemp fiber composite. The sunglasses are sustainable and eco-friendly, and treated



The Sorapot is a simple, modern teapot made from stainless steel and glass, letting you watch as the tea leaves unfurl, turning hot water into tea. This second-gen teapot features a re-engineered spout, and an